If you’re quickly flicking through this website, looking for something that will make a difference to your business, then stop.

Here are two stories that might interest you:

A property company was struggling with a high wage bill and low productivity. The director knew the business had potential but he was watching it slowly go downhill.

He needed to lift the business out of the hole it was in. Two managers in particular were holding the business back, but the company didn’t know where to start and were scared of triggering an employment tribunal. It felt like an impossible situation, with no way out.

But there is always a way to resolve these situations, if you have the necessary legal knowhow. We were able to provide options to remodel the workforce by removing these two management posts and recruiting a graduate and two additional operatives.

Business doubles productivity and increased profits

Within nine months, the business reported that they had doubled their productivity and increased profits. As an added bonus the new team members brought a fresh new attitude, improved communication, and customer satisfaction rocketed.

In another business in the security sector, the MD was paying his peripatetic tradespeople overtime, travel time and additional holiday pay. What started as generosity was now costing the business a small fortune and giving him sleepless nights.

Overpaying on overtime

He didn’t know how on earth he could change the situation without seriously upsetting his staff.

This is where an outsourced HR company can make life so much easier. As well as ensuring you’re compliant with employment law, we can also help you make changes while keeping your staff on side.

By analysing the hours worked and travel time claimed for, we found that the company was being far too generous. The solution we suggested – a higher basic salary to buy out travel time payments – reduced the wage bill by 6% and improved work life balance for staff. Their salary increased and they no longer needed to travel huge distances to claim for overtime; they now stay over in local accommodation. Staff feel valued and are happy with the changes, and genuine ad hoc overtime hours are now easily managed.

How does this help you?

Do you have a challenging member of staff that keeps you awake at night? Perhaps you have sickness issues or a high wage bill and an ever-decreasing profit margin, or maybe you’re just worried that you’re not complying with employment law?

If you’re losing sleep over:

  • Discipline, performance and sickness issues
  • Administration, documentation and processes
  • Employment law compliance and interpretation
  • Tackling that challenging employee
  • Your workforce generally

These are all areas that we can assist you with. Whatever challenge you’re facing, our pragmatic and experienced team can help you find a solution.

Centric HR caters for a range of budgets and our monthly subscriptions are an affordable way to access an HR professional without worrying about the cost every time you pick up the phone.

Whether your aim is to solve a current problem, be compliant, save money or grow your business (or all of the above) please get in touch today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our services give you HR expertise at a fraction of the cost of employing an HR professional. With the new maximum award for unfair dismissal set at £83,000, HR is best not left to chance.