You can’t afford NOT to read this feature

You can’t afford NOT to read this feature

We know you’re busy. But step back for a moment and take a breather – the two minutes you spend reading this article could be a game changer for your business.

Centric HR delivers dividends for employers in surprising ways. The fast-growing consultancy is making waves by delivering HR solutions that transform the bottom line, with a subscription model that provides cost-certainty for every budget. “It’s about so much more than compliance – we can reduce your costs and save you time too,” says Centric HR’s Sandra Berns.

Specialist advisers at Centric HR support clients facing challenges familiar to any business striving to stay competitive in a tough market. Read on to see the results achieved in two very different organisations.

The challenge: high wages and low productivity

A property maintenance client was struggling with a big wage bill and low productivity. To make matters worse, two managers were holding back the business. The owner didn’t know where to start and was concerned about triggering an employment tribunal. It felt like an impossible situation. With the right kind of knowledge and support, there is always a way to resolve such situations. We worked closely with the team and provided options to remodel the workforce and remove these two management posts safely, enabling the company to recruit a graduate and two additional operatives.

The result: increased productivity and profits

Within just nine months, the business had doubled productivity and increased profits. The new team members brought a fresh new outlook, communications were improved and customer satisfaction rocketed.

The challenge: overpaying on overtime

A client in the security sector was paying its peripatetic tradespeople overtime, travel time and additional holiday pay. What started as generosity was fast becoming unaffordable. Centric HR worked with company’s in-house HR team to design a change management process that would secure the support of staff. Travel time payments were bought out with a higher basic salary. Employees are happy because they no longer need to travel huge distances to claim overtime.

The result: reduced wage costs and improved work-life balance for staff

Wage costs for the business have been cut by 6%. Meanwhile, staff feel valued and genuine overtime hours are easily managed.

What Centric can do for you

We’re not just here to give you contracts and a handbook.

  • Do you have a challenging or disruptive member of staff?
  • A short-term sickness problem or someone with a disability?
  • Are you facing a high wage bill and ever-decreasing profit margins?
  • Are you stuck with a workforce or performance model that won’t flex?

Centric HR covers the whole employee cycle to make a measurable difference to your business. And we’re not just on the end of the phone – we can be on site too.

Operational HR

  • Attraction and retention
  • Performance and reward
  • Learning and development
  • Recognition and wellbeing
  • Employee engagement
  • Corporate Induction
  • HR Software

Business consultancy

  • People strategy
  • Workforce growth/
  • reduction strategy
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Change management
  • Workforce efficiencies
  • Leadership development
  • Line manager skills/coaching

Whatever challenge your business is facing, our pragmatic and experienced team can help you find a solution that is expert and bespoke for you. Centric HR brings high-quality HR solutions within the reach of every business. Our monthly subscriptions are an affordable way to access a HR professional without worrying each time you pick up the phone.

The question is, can you afford not to talk to Centric HR?

Whether your aim is to solve a current problem, ensure you are compliant, save money or grow your business – or all the above – contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Call 03333 660567, email

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Picture of Sandra Berns

Sandra Berns

Centric HR was founded by Sandra Berns, a confident and versatile Human Resources and Organisational Development Practitioner with 25 years demonstrable experience and a Fellow of the CIPD. Sandra has both Operational and Strategic HR expertise across Public and Private sectors and has assisted senior teams in meeting challenging workforce objectives in many corporate environments.