The benefits of Interim HR

Interim HR

To interim, or not to interim!

There are times when bringing someone in on an interim basis is the best option for a smaller business. Interim HR roles are ones that bring in an experienced professional for a short time, who can assist businesses with specific projects and workplace transformation on a short term, or longer-term basis.

If the business requires a specialist, it is always worth contracting one for the period of time required, ensuring that you are legally compliant, and your employees are being looked after correctly.

The main drivers behind utilising an interim professional are based around cost and benefit.

  • Hiring a professional on an interim basis will ensure that there is resource needed when required
  • There are no consistent costs associated with a full time professional
  • Compliance is gained with the oversight of the HR professional
  • Like water from a tap, they are there when you need them, and not there when you don’t
  • Projects can be overseen by the interim team member
  • Employees will feel there is care around them when they know HR are involved in projects
  • When working with an interim HR professional, you will learn more around the function and gain a greater understanding
  • A fresh perspective
  • New ideas and knowledge of governance and best practice

Interim employees whether HR, or any other function, can bring so much to your business they are worth their weight.

If it is possible to hire the same interim professional more than once, this will save valuable time in getting them up to speed with your business, although there is always the possibility that the professional might already be in another contract. Planning and scheduling in advance would mean that this could be accounted for, and mean that you have booked them ready for when you need them.

The Interim Management Associated released figures recently, suggested that interim HR assignments have doubled through the last two years, and HR is now the third most popular job function for interim managers. Holding first place is special projects, which is a little obvious, followed by finance.  The reasoning behind HR’s popularity is change management. So many businesses are undergoing sometimes drastic shifts to create a leaner business that can maximise its profits. In these circumstances, an interim HR professional is essential to ensure the business is functioning correctly around legislation and employees.

It isn’t just about that though. Not only do HR professionals need to have their own area expertise, there are other elements that need to be accounted for. Business acumen, strategic abilities and an understanding of economic growth drivers needs to be a part of their knowledge base.

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