The benefits of a HR Fixed Price Package

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Outsourcing HR services through a Fixed Price Package is a cost-effective way to have your own HR department as an extension to your business, whilst having the benefits of your own HR manager who is fully equipped with specialist skills, at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits of this kind of retained service will be to ​give you assurance that employee matters are handled appropriately, support your business ​with people related plans, making sure you are legally compliant with the latest legislation and advice on hand when you require it. Retained support simply means that you engage us on an ongoing basis, allowing us to develop and support a complete HR strategy for your business and take that strain from your management team leaving them free to focus on the business.

Our range of fixed price packages have been designed to provide businesses of varying sizes with peace of mind on day-to-day people management issues that arise – enabling you to concentrate on running your company. Fixed price agreements (payment options for monthly or annual subscriptions), reflect the number of employees you have and the level of service you might require.

A HR Fixed price package enables you to control your budget whilst accessing expert advice without worrying about the cost every time you pick up the phone. This enables our customers to be more pro-active in the management of their staff as well as providing them with the confidence to tackle difficult HR issues quickly and effectively.

We are pragmatic in our approach and work hard to get to know you and your organisation, so the advice you get is bespoke to your ​and your company’s needs, enabling you to build a reputation of being an ‘Employer of Choice’. Where we can​, we take a coaching approach to ensure we support the development of Line Managers in people management matters.

All packages include a free introductory face-to-face or virtual meeting for up to 2 hours to discuss your practice and people issues. We review your contracts of employment and HR policies to ensure they are compliant with legislation and best practice for your sector and practice type.

Packages typically include some or all of the following:

  • Telephone expert HR support normal office hours 8.00 – 6.00
  • Bi-monthly HR reviews to enable you to proactively plan and manage your team
  • 24/7 emergency cover – support outside of the office hours for emergencies
  • Scheduled monthly call or email as a check-in on your people activity
  • HR Health Check – to include a review of policies, procedures, contracts, standard letters etc.
  • Checking and drafting of letters and correspondence
  • Access to template policies, letters and manager guidance
  • Invitation to any topical webinars
  • Fact sheets and newsletters monthly
  • HR updates before new legislation takes effect
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Our HR service will give you a fixed cost solution, with consistent HR advice and support so you can focus on managing your business. For further information on the benefits of a HR fixed price package, please contact us here.

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Sandra Berns

Sandra Berns

Centric HR was founded by Sandra Berns, a confident and versatile Human Resources and Organisational Development Practitioner with 25 years demonstrable experience and a Fellow of the CIPD. Sandra has both Operational and Strategic HR expertise across Public and Private sectors and has assisted senior teams in meeting challenging workforce objectives in many corporate environments.