Can the Owner of a Company be HR?

Can the Owner of a Company be HR? - Centric HR

With limited resources, the owner of a small business may be tempted to take on various administrative roles themselves to save money, but what about HR? Are owners allowed to be their own HR function? In this article, we discuss the legitimacy of business owners being HR, and who can actually be HR within a […]

Can an employer call your doctor?

Can an employer call your doctor? - Centric HR

As an employee, it can sometimes be difficult to know what your rights are, and what your employer is legally allowed to do. When it comes to medical information and activities, knowing your rights is even more important as this involves sensitive, private information. In this article, we let you know what your rights are […]

Harassment and bullying in the workplace 

Harassment and bullying in the workplace - Centric HR

Harassment and bullying remain significant workplace issues despite increasing awareness of the problem. Typical harassment and bullying behaviours range from unwelcome remarks and persistent unwarranted criticism to unwanted physical contact and shouting. Recipients of these inappropriate behaviours are more likely to experience anxiety, stress and a loss of confidence. Recently in the news, Tesla, the […]

Workplace diversity

Workplace diversity - Centric HR

Workplace diversity is a common topic of conversation among employers, hiring managers and recruitment professionals. But diversity and inclusion in the workplace isn’t just a hiring fad; and over the years it has become less a case of simply factoring in age, gender and race, and more about hiring a wider range of people to […]

Managing drug and alcohol misuse at work

Managing drug and alcohol misuse at work - Centric HR

Employers have a legal duty to protect employees’ health, safety and welfare. Understanding and managing drug and alcohol misuse at work (or abuse) will help companies to promote health and safety in their workplace and to develop a policy to deal with drug and alcohol-related problems and support their employees. Whilst most organisations have specific drug […]

How we coped during lockdown

How we coped during lockdown - Centric HR

Pictured above: Emerging from lockdown (left to right); Sandra Berns, Amy Richardson and Helen Watkins. When I launched Centric HR in October 2016, amongst the excitement and trepidation, I realised the upcoming years would be full of highs and lows and also various challenges which we would embrace and learn from…never in my wildest dreams did I […]

An Outsourced HR Business Partner is more important than ever right now

Outsourced HR Business Partner - Centric HR

In these unprecedented times, it is hard to know which way to turn and which format will work for your business. Whether large or small, companies need guidance and help and right now you need more than just someone that can get by in HR. An outsourced HR business partner could be just what you […]

January blues

January blues - Centric HR

Well, its that time of year…. Christmas is over for another year; finances were stretched for most to provide a perfect family break…but did we go too far in this pursue of perfection? January is on record for being the longest, toughest month for finances, mental health and bouncing back from the much-needed break we […]

How to attract the best candidates

How to attract the best candidates

The talent pool has all levels of candidates within it, but you want to make sure that you get the best ones for your business. There is no magic that provides you with 5 brilliant people knocking on your door, you need to make your company shine, so those brilliant people come to you. What’s […]

Late payments to employees

Incorrect and late payments to employees

When a contract is signed between an employer and employee, this is a legal agreement that the employee will execute the duties assigned, and the employer will pay for these services. Pretty easy arrangement, right? Sadly, there are many businesses that compensate staff later then the agreed date. Late payments to employees whatever the reason, can cause […]

Brexit – Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring!


I am sorry that I am bringing up the B word. It is now something that people are frightened to mention at this time. Passions are high and fury abundant with some, but Brexit is an unfortunate issue that needs to be discussed, to ensure that our businesses are in a position to continue trading […]