Breathe HR Software Winter Offer

Breathe HR Software Winter Offer

At Centric HR we are a partner of Breathe HR Software, the perfect solution for keeping on top of your day-to-day HR tasks, centralising data, and maximising employee engagement, ideal for small and medium sized businesses. We are pleased to announce a fantastic Winter Offer. Sign up for a FREE Breathe HR Software trial in […]

Handling public holidays during Furlough

Handling public holidays during Furlough - Centric HR

The entitlement to annual leave and pay under the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR) has always been somewhat complicated without guidance. Once you add a pandemic and a furlough scheme into the mix it is no surprise that the confusion may rise and leave some a little puzzled by the new rules and regulations. Employers […]

Workplace diversity

Workplace diversity - Centric HR

Workplace diversity is a common topic of conversation among employers, hiring managers and recruitment professionals. But diversity and inclusion in the workplace isn’t just a hiring fad; and over the years it has become less a case of simply factoring in age, gender and race, and more about hiring a wider range of people to […]

Redundancies due to Covid-19 

Redundancies due to Covid-19  - Centric HR

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses a significant threat to not only people’s health, but sadly a possible disruption to many businesses. Companies will need to rapidly adapt their practices and procedures to suit the current situation but also to ensure their business continuity and viability. Redundancies due to Covid-19 are unfortunately inevitible as many businesses […]

January blues

January blues - Centric HR

Well, its that time of year…. Christmas is over for another year; finances were stretched for most to provide a perfect family break…but did we go too far in this pursue of perfection? January is on record for being the longest, toughest month for finances, mental health and bouncing back from the much-needed break we […]