What makes a good reward strategy?

Having a clear and effective rewards strategy is key to retaining and attracting quality talent to your organisation. However, some reward strategies can be quite outdated and not fit the current working environment, especially after Covid-19 and the alteration to working from home. In this blog, Centric HR will discuss exactly what makes a good […]

Examining the 4 Day working week

Examining the 4 Day working week - Centric HR

A 4 day working week trial will officially begin in the UK from June 1, giving employees the option of an extended weekend with no loss of pay. Sixty firms with 3,000 staff have signed up to take part in a pilot run by campaign group 4 Day Week Global – and it will run […]

Employee motivation – Get the best out of your employees in the summer

Employee Motivation - Get the best out of your employees in the summer

A manager is there to get the best out of their employees, but when the sun is blazing it’s guaranteed that concentration will lower, and there will be longing looks out of the window. So, as a manager and a business, what is the best way to keep employee motivation levels up when the sun […]