Managing Probation Effectively Webinar

Managing Probation Effectively Webinar - Centric HR

We are launching our Bite-Size People Management Programme for Line Managers with our first live webinar ‘Managing Probation Effectively’ at 10.00am on Wednesday 23rd August 2023. 

The webinar will last for 30 minutes and 15 minutes for questions, and is just £24.99 plus VAT by booking here or you can book all 10 courses for the discounted price of £199 plus VAT by contacting us directly here.

What is a probationary period and why have them?

Many companies adopt probationary periods when employees start a new role.  This is something we encourage our clients to do, because this fixed-length trial period at the beginning of an employment relationship, allows you as the employer to assess the suitability of an employee for the role and ultimately decide whether their appointment will be made permanent or not at the end of the period.

Our webinar will talk you through what the trial period is and how to manage it effectively.  By the end of the webinar, you will understand an overview of the following:

  • Understanding the purpose of the probationary period and the law
  • How to manage effectively using a clear process
  • How to set clear objectives and enable someone to settle in
  • How to extend a probationary period if you need to
  • How to confirm probation is successful and transition to one2ones
  • How to legally dismiss someone who has failed their probation
  • Assessing the risk of discrimination
  • Understanding contractual notice
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Case Law examples


Our aim is to give you the confidence to become a competent line manager who is aware of the law and the pitfalls associated with managing people.  We also provide attendees with probation templates on guidance, form and letter, to get you started.


If you wish to gain further information on how we might tailor courses for line managers specifically or exclusively for your business, please contact us here.

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