Local Authorities promoting lateral flow testing to businesses

Local Authorities step up Covid-19 Lateral Flow testing for businesses - Centric HR

Local Authorities throughout England are launching campaigns to local businesses promoting Lateral Flow Testing for employees and their customers who do not have symptoms of Covid-19 to help stop the spread of the virus.

There are numbers of testing centres in each county with the facility to book on-line or for larger businesses who would like to establish testing on site they can contact their local county council for further information.

The Covid pandemic is ongoing, and local authorities expect the virus to continue to circulate throughout 2021 and beyond, although hopefully the number of cases will reduce significantly as vaccination is rolled out.

This means that efforts to control the virus will need to be at least medium term and possibly long term. This will include testing, contract tracing and maintaining Covid security in public places and businesses.

One in 3 people who are infected display no symptoms and are an important vector in the spread of the virus. Local Authorities have introduced lateral flow testing for people without symptoms in order to identify and isolate cases and break the chain of transmission. The tests use lateral flow devices that can be completed in the community, with results available in under an hour. Thousands of people across many counties have already had a test to help protect their families, friends and communities.

Regular testing of employees has a number of benefits for businesses:

  • It allows cases and their close contacts to be identified early, avoiding large outbreaks that are very disruptive to business continuity.
  • It provides employees with additional confidence that their employer is taking all possible steps to protect them from the virus.
  • It allows businesses to demonstrate to the community and their customers that they are playing their part in reducing the spread of infection.


Please Note that this is for people without symptoms: people with symptoms of Covid-19 should book a test via www.gov.uk/coroanvirus or by calling 119. Also regular testing is a complement and not an alternative to Covid security: it is critical that businesses maintain hygiene and social distancing.

If your business need any assistance with any employee issues relating to the Covid-19 pandemic please contact us here.


*Pictured above, a sample poster sent out by a Local Authority for businesses to display.

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