Learning at Work – advantages of training your people managers

Learning at Work – advantages of training your people managers - Centric HR

Every year, the Campaign for Learning Organisation promotes lifelong learning at work and this years’ theme is ‘Create the Future’.  The week of activities from 15 – 21 May is being held to support and encourage organisations to enhance the learning opportunities for their teams and build cultures of learning within the workplace.

Offering learning opportunities can be a real draw for employees, to further enhance their skills and seek promotional opportunities as a result.   The landscape of learning since the pandemic has changed significantly and industry has seen an increase in online training as opposed to face to face.  This provides additional advantages for employers. There are less travel expenses than for remote learning; sessions which are bitesize, or webinar style can fit in the diary around other meetings or appointments, making it more appealing and less impactful on the working day.

The pandemic also brought about an increase in the need for improving digital training to ensure employees are equipped with the technology aspects of new ways of working.  Some employees may be struggling with getting to grips with new tech, so check in with them and make sure they don’t need some training to help them along.

These days employees like the option to have a blended approach to learning, including e-learning, toolbox talks, online courses, and face to face classroom styles.  Offering a range of styles of training can generate an increased appetite for learning and better suit the learning styles of the individual.

A lot of the complex casework that crosses our consultancy path, comes as a result of a lack of skills in first line managers and supervisors. Line Manager training can help to support those experienced in management who have not dealt with a specific issue before and those who are new to the management arena. Managers will be able to improve their knowledge and their tool kit for managing a changing workforce.   Addressing this skill base can reduce the number of grievances and disciplinaries within your organisation and can improve productivity and morale. Equipping Managers with better communication styles and ways to handle employee related matters is a fantastic way to support them in their roles and to ensure staff are managed accordingly and within the policies and procedures that you have in place.

Tailored training

We are keen to help organisations with identifying skills gaps and providing training that is tailored to the needs or your business, with practical tips and insight into how things can be managed more effectively.  Along with that we offer bitesize training for Line Managers on the key areas of employment law, such as contracts, sickness absence management, investigations and many more.  See our website for more details of what’s on offer.

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If you would like to know more about the support, we offer on learning and enhancing workforce skills please contact us here.


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