Is your workplace Covid safe?

Is your workplace Covid safe? - Centric HR HR Consultants

With lockdown restrictions easing as each month passes, it is still important for employers to be vigilant in making sure workplaces meet Covid safe practices.  With more and more employees returning to the workplace, there may be a tendency to focus on getting the day job done and forget to maintain the standards needed.

Here are some helpful tips to follow, to ensure that infection rates remain low and your business meets the necessary standards.

  • If you don’t already have a Covid specific Risk Assessment for your workplace, we would recommend you consider implementing one now.  If you do, it is recommended that this is reviewed regularly at least quarterly to ensure it is still fit for purpose.
  • With the guidance being regularly updated since the pandemic began it is important to ensure your company is following all of the relevant protocols in terms of cleaning, the wearing of face masks and distancing.
  • It’s important to keep in touch with office based and remote workers to manage any welfare matters and check-in to discuss any concerns employees may have
  • If you are re-opening your office space and have restricted numbers and due to meeting the distancing guidelines, it is important to communicate this to your teams so everyone can understand what is happening and not feel left out of communications.
  • For those employees working from home, ensure you have some working from home guidance in place that includes a thorough work from home risk assessment and that employees have the correct Display Screen Equipment to work safely in their homes.
  • It’s also a good idea to issue your employees with information regarding testing and vaccines to encourage uptake.


If you are struggling to get to grips with managing this transition and need some help with advice or documentation, then we at Centric HR can help.  Give us a call on 03333 660 567 or contact us here and we will talk through with you the best approaches to take to help you.

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