Informal Resolution & Mediation – Webinar

Informal Resolution & Mediation – Webinar - Centric HR

Our next Bite-Size People Management Programme for Line Managers Webinar takes place on Wednesday 22nd November at 10am and focusses on Informal Resolution & Mediation. The webinar is available for just £24.99 plus VAT.

November’s training session is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to effectively resolve disputes and conflicts in a non-adversarial and constructive manner.

Suitable for a supervisors, line managers and business owners, it provides an overview in conflict resolution and mediation techniques.

This bitesize training will:

  • Differentiate between informal resolution and mediation processes and the benefits
  • Talk about basic conflict resolution strategies and techniques
  • Discuss when it may be appropriate for mediation to be used
  • Describe the stages of the mediation process
  • Explore the importance of maintaining neutrality and impartiality as a mediator
  • Managing difficult parties
  • The importance of written agreements
  • When mediation breaks down…what next?


Our aim is to give you the confidence to become a competent line manager who is aware of the law and the positives and pitfalls associated with managing people and when you may require specialist help.

You can book your place/s on this webinar here via Eventbrite or call us on 03333 660 567.

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