HR Outsourcing Services

One of our key specialisms is being able to look at a workforce structure/processes and instantly identify easy quick wins on workforce efficiency and planning to enable your business to run smoothly and become more cost effective. We provide HR outsourcing services throughout the UK.

Complex employment law, time consuming processes and above all your desire to be a good employer can place enormous demands on a business owner, especially those not yet able to employ a full-time HR specialist. This is why many companies of all sizes utilise us for our range of HR Outsourcing services.

As there are so many different branches in HR, some companies may find it a lot easier to reach out to specialist companies, rather than employing somebody in-house. HR outsourcing can reduce costs by shifting certain business functions to a third party for a significant period of time.

The benefits of HR outsourcing services for your business

There are many advantages of HR outsourcing. Skills and knowledge are one of those. Hiring someone from a specialist company will ensure they have been fully trained in that one specific field and will have extensive excellent knowledge. You may find that someone in-house may not know something as in depth as a specialist or be as informative and up to date.  Increased legislative compliance is another issue.  Specialist companies, such as payroll or pensions, will have more of an understanding of the legislation that surrounds that subject, ensuring legal compliance in an ever-changing world.   

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Our HR Outsourcing services include…

HR health check to identify your workforce needs.

Expert telephone support.

Bi-monthly HR reviews.

Checking and drafting correspondence.

HR updates before legislation takes effect.

Proactive planning meetings to provide strategic direction and people project support.

Training sessions for your line managers on people management issues/hot topics.

HR software solution to assist with people processes and save you and your staff time.

Why Use Our HR Outsourcing Services

The cost of poor people management can be substantial and if a company fails to comply with the law, they could be faced with a hefty claim at an employment tribunal and a large bill for the legal costs.

As previously mentioned, a specialist will have more of an understanding of the law in their field, and will know it inside out, which would mean the chance of a tribunal for a situation is less likely.

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The new maximum award for unfair dismissal – can you afford this? or the worry? 


Tribunal claims increased by 90% since tribunal fees abolished.


The average tribunal awards for unfair dismissal is £11,704 whilst the average award for discrimination cases are £17,802

Unfair Dismissal / Discrimination 2020/21

Indicative Median Award 2020/21
Unfair Dismissal£11,704
Race Discrimination£12,487
Sex Discrimination£17,240
Disability Discrimination£28,371
Religion/Belief Discrimination£4,767
Age Discrimination£26,148
Sexual Orientation Discrimination£0

Are you losing sleep about...

  • Employment law compliance and interpretation?
  • People administration?
  • Documentation and Processes?
  • Discipline and sickness issues?
  • Tackling that difficult employee?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then we can help with our HR Outsourcing service.  We provide expert advice and solutions that guide businesses through their people challenges as and when you need it– designed specifically for you.

We can provide responsive and proactive outsourced HR and Software to meet all your workforce needs.

Our fixed-price HR Outsourcing packages enable you to control your costs so you can free up your time and concentrate on running your business, looking after your customers and generating more profit.

We cater for all budgets and payment options of monthly or annual subscriptions. This allows you to access expert advice without worrying about the cost every time you pick up the phone. 

We support and coach you to become proactive and confident when dealing with people management issues – quickly and effectively.