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At Centric HR we have broad experience and exposure of HR and employment law services working for employment solicitors and their clients dealing with a wide range of workforce issues. From setting strategic people agendas in line with corporate objectives, workforce transformation and change, through to the nitty gritty of general operational HR.

Our core team of HR consultants and associates all have director level or senior manager experience. They are very competent dealing with conflict, complex casework and exceptionally challenging projects.

We have made a name for ourselves in the HR employment law consultants marketplace through managing and delivering on consultancy projects due to the fact we are tried and tested professionals and cover the vast people agenda from attraction and recruitment right through to exit and retirement, and literally everything in between.

In recent years we have been providing more HR employment law support for solicitors and other clients. We have therefore realised there is a natural partnership here.  Whilst employment solicitors provide the legal advice to their clients, very often their clients do not have the capacity, expertise or skills within their existing workforce to implement and action the advice.  That’s where Centric HR come into their own when it comes to specialist HR employment law services. We offer professional HR practitioner services at a senior level for all types of organisations. We are adept in matching the skills, expertise and industry experience of our associates to ensure that your clients get the very best people to undertake their projects.

HR Employment Law Support

Centric HR have the operational experience of investigations and hearing complex cases, so we can assist employment solicitors and your clients in objectively providing services, help assess risk and mitigate against future tribunal claims. 

Investigations, Hearings & Appeals 

We have built resilience through operational and pragmatic experience and have many coping strategies to deal with the most challenging cases including the tricky employees who sometimes pull every trick in the book to delay or attempt to throw you off your path in the middle of cases.  

Centric HR often undertake complex investigations, hear cases or appeals, especially when dealing with Executive Leaders/Directors/Senior Managers and this can often take away the stress from the immediate team and demonstrate objectivity and reasonableness in cases – which goes on to mitigate against risk.

We can help identify key risks and conduct without prejudice or protected conversations on behalf of the client.

HR Employment Law Consultancy & Projects

Centric HR have a wealth of experience and expertise in the implementation of workforce projects.  Whether this is assisting with workforce transformation, growth and acquisition, downsizing, restructuring, redundancies, providing workforce efficiencies or optimising  performance, we have experienced associates that will work closely with Employment Solicitors utilising your key advice. This ensures that any workforce project is implemented smoothly and is undertaken to the letter of the law following best practice in terms of consultation and process etc.

Organisational Learning - Embedding Best Practice

Often, following a complex case, an organisation will identify key learning and actions in order to avoid reoccurrence of a situation, to correct poor practice or to simply improve their workforce processes and employee experience to become an ‘Employer of Choice’ for the future.

Centric HR have the relative experience to understand organisational learning and can assist employment solicitors and other clients in developing and implementing key projects as part of their learning.  This can include, organisational design and job evaluation, employee engagement projects to identify key areas of improvement or generally developing improved fail-safe processes for their own internal HR teams and line managers to follow.

We can implement new systems and software to protect against GDPR breaches and mitigate against mandatory training fails and automate other HR admin processes – constantly protecting the organisation and ensuring that employees welfare and safety prevails.

"In recent years we have been providing more HR employment law support for solicitors and their clients."

The Benefits of using Centric HR for HR Employment Law Services

  • We have the operational experience and expertise
  • We focus on the project or assignment and do not have company operational baggage
  • Expertise can be parachuted into the organisation as and when required
  • It is cost effective for the client
  • We can assist with the assessment of risk of a case in practice 
  • Centric HR is a safe pair of hands and will always work closely with solicitors
  • We speak your language and understand when we must follow a process
    Often the feedback from employees is that they trust us as we are a third party – we can often elicit information from the employee that they wouldn’t otherwise tell their employer.
  • We can help restore processes to avoid future claims or reoccurrence of situations
  • We can assist your clients to become an ‘Employer of Choice’ for the future 

"We offer professional HR practitioner services at a senior level for all types of organisations."

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