Transformational Change

At Centric HR we believe that a Transformational change in the business world, involves a company making a radical change in its business model, often requiring changes in structure, culture and management which can fundamentally change and transform the business in either how the business does something or could be in terms of the strategic direction.
What is Transformational Change?
 The ability to successfully manage change has become a vital asset for the organisation’s in the present scenario for staying competitive in an unstable environment. Transformational change means alterations in certain areas which is caused due to an interaction with the environmental factors and creates a need for new behaviours or at least changes in the behaviours of the organisational employees.
These changes are often associated with significant revision of the firm’s business strategy, which in turn may require modifying internal structures and processing new changes. A transformational change is designed to be organisational wide and is enacted over a period of time.

Realising benefits and optimizing performance and return on investment

Stage 1

Setting performance and wider organisational goals

Stage 2

Assessing the capabilities of the organisation

Stage 3

Designing the initiatives that will complete the transformation

Stage 4

Executing the initiatives

Stage 5

Sustaining the initiatives and the changes achieved

Stage 6

Realising benefits and optimizing performance and return on investment

At Centric HR have executed and actively carried out various changes within our clients business, managing transitions for HR managed services to manager lead services whilst moving away from HR managing the employees to supporting and coaching managers to manage their own teams.  We have undertaken this with 90+ line managers from supervisors to Heads of Service, across many dispersed workforces.  We are able to upskill managers in people management techniques from the very basics to the more complex interactions with employees. This creates empowered and accountable managers with effective people management skills to enhance their career.  We have repeated transformational transition following a merger with an additional 50 managers.

We are able to map processes to understand blockages, duplication, systems failures and reduced timelines for delivery to create efficiencies and capacity for HR teams,  but also speed up processes for business services.  We Implement systems to manage processes through automation, in turn, working with teams to identify manual processes that can be done through an HRIS or other IT, which therefore reduce the headcount and re-distributes workload. 

Centric HR have managed a change programme for senior leadership team from Tier 1 – 3, offering a full consultation process (some informal, some formal).  We pooled candidates where necessary and arranged  selection interviews,  managed communications with employees on the change process and advised on information for  trade unions and employee reps, whilst offering  project management documentation for change.

"Change is essential for the success of the organisation, and to enable it to move forward in an ever-changing world, and to not get left behind."

What does Transformational Change mean for your company and how will it benefit your business?

Transformation doesn’t just involve changing company process – but also working with employees to change they way they think about and engage with the business. When firms implement change management plans, the employees learn a great deal from the entire process. They not only streamline their own workflows but also gain different skill sets during the process.  This gives employees a much-needed boost and keeps them invested in the company and their own careers and personnel growth.

Change is essential for the success of the organisation, and to enable it to move forward in an ever-changing world, and to not get left behind. A company’s growth and future success depends on their ability and their employees ability to adapt to market forces in and out of their control, which in turn makes their business more effective and more profitable.

It also creates efficiency and consistency in their approach, and reduces the risk of misunderstanding between different methodologies-one standard approach can be applied throughout an organisation to streamline.  Change should be embraced and be at the core of your business plan.

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One of our key successes in helping companies is where we assist with the HR function so that Line Managers take operational responsibilities for people management and HR functions become less about the transactional tasks and more about strategic workforce growth and performance optimisation.

This can include the identification and implementation of the right HR system for your company that support managers to become more self-sufficient and manage staff through engagement and empowerment. 

We also offer packages for Line managers to help them learn how to deal with all things people, including personal insight and development, change management and developing a coaching culture and mindset.     

For further information on how Centric HR can advise and implement a suitable Transformational Change plan within your organisation please contact us here.