Talent and Succession Planning

Organisations with talent and succession planning programmes in place foster a talent-oriented culture by recruiting skilled workers. Succession planning is a talent management process that builds a pool of trained workers who are ready to fill key roles when leaders and other key employees step down.

Talent management is the process of identifying and developing key individuals in a business that possess important knowledge, skills and abilities. The focus is to retain essential capabilities in the workforce to maintain business competitiveness.

The talent management process here at Centric HR provides key individuals with an opportunity to develop their skills and experience by engaging in challenging duties, professional development and career growth, which in turn helps to build loyalty to the business. We focus on identifying and growing talent to fill leadership and critical business positions in the future. In the face of skills shortages, succession planning has gained popularity, and is now carried out in both large and smaller organisations.

The Benefits of talent and succession planning

Reduced recruitment costs is perhaps the most immediate benefit of a talent succession process however there are further benefits to enjoy, including:


One of the biggest challenges when an employee leaves unexpectedly is the threat of disruption.

Improved Engagement

Better Results, Increased performance.

Disaster Proofs

It disaster proofs your business so you are never left in the lurch.


Identifies the most qualified future leaders in your business.


Creates structure for training and development within your business.


Keeps extra eyes on a job and ensures improved performance.

Brand Identity

Maintains brand identity, an important element of any business.


Helps the company plan for the long-term.


Become known as an employer of choice and attract other talent.


Keeps employees motivated and interested in the business with opportunities to grow with the business.

"Succession planning is an important part of the talent management process. It provides a way to identify key roles, people with the right skills and positions that may need filling in a short space of time."

How we can help your business..

Undertake reviews of workforce demographics to highlight issues where succession and talent mapping could be advantageous, i.e. ageing workforce or unskilled workers.


Provide objective solutions to talent and succession skill gaps within your organisation.


We provide training for all levels of management capability, to improve and instil leadership qualities and build leaders of the future.


We can advise on recruitment campaigns to attract and retain future talent.


Provide organisational development activities to keep talented employees engaged and feeling valued.

All of the above, once implemented will give your business a more accurate plan for the future and a greater confidence that your employees are working to the best of their ability for the companies extended vision.

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