People Strategies

At Centric HR we help various organisations to understand their business objectives and priorities through people strategies and realise how existing employees within their company can help deliver and achieve what the business has set out to do.
What is a people strategy?

A people strategy is part of the business strategy. Your business strategy is an essential tool to help fulfil your organisation’s potential. These organisations shape their plans to meet their workforce needs, knowing that their most important competitive advantage is the ability to attract and retain the right people. 

Companies often think in terms of overall strategies that will make their business successful, but they don’t realise that people strategy will affect their success the most. Developing an effective people strategy will impact hiring, productivity, skills development, succession planning, and retention-the entire life cycle of an employee.

People Strategy is the link between the business strategy and the implications for the people resource. It answers questions such as what are we good at; what capabilities do we need, and when and where do we need them?  A company’s people strategy is in many ways the single biggest determining factor in its success. It’s time to start thinking about your company’s people strategy and planning how to implement it going forward.

How will it help your company?

A People Strategy can unify and focus an organisation, improve the return on human capital, and raise the organisation to higher performance. Effective strategies have been proven to reduce turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a higher rate, and make more profits. Succeeding at employee engagement is the key to moving a business forward. 

Forward-thinking businesses are restructuring their strategic planning in order to make people an integral part of business growth. These organisations shape their plans to meet the needs of their workforce, with the understanding that their most important competitive advantage is their ability to attract and retain the right people. The more invested that people become within a company, the more valued they feel, through training and guidance.

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People strategy components

The components to the left are inter-related and must underpin business objectives and workforce decisions.

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