Operational HR

Our Operational HR services can be accessed either through Pay As You Go HR (ad-hoc hourly rate) or through our Fixed Price HR Packages. Our aim is to ensure that all of your people issues are covered effectively thereby freeing up your capacity to focus more time on performance and growth.

Outsourcing part or all of your Operational HR processes offers many benefits, not least protecting your business and making sure its compliant with UK employment law. It also helps you increase efficiency, reduces cost, ensures a speedy response to HR problems, and reduces any potential risk.

We can effectively become an extension to your business as partners and work with you to complete any operational HR related activities. Operational HR can take up a lot of your time such as administration, compliance, recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, so we’re here to help you concentrate on growing your business without the cost of employing a specialist HR manager within your team.

What is Operational HR?

Operational HR covers the basic day-to-day essentials to meet the needs of your business and includes the following services:

General advice

Assisting you with any general enquiries relating to staff issues and meeting legal compliance. Our team of HR consultants are on hand to speak to you over the phone, zoom or via email throughout normal working hours. We also operate an out of hours service for emergencies.

Document drafting

Assisting in the creation of formal letters, memos, internal communications, agreements and ad-hoc policies to employees or prospective employees.

Handbook design and drafting

Assisting your business in the creation of an employee handbook, a collection of documents and policies outlining everything employees need to know about working at your organisation.

As a small business owner, you’re required by law to have some employment policies in place such as disciplinary and grievance procedures.  It’s also beneficial to have other policies in place for example; dealing with issues like sickness absence or what maternity leave and pay you’ll provide. 

Contracts of employment

All employees must have an employment contract. We’ll help you create a bespoke contract that includes the main terms of an employee’s employment, for example pay, working hours, conditions etc. The purpose of an employment contract is to ensure that both the employee and employer have a clear understanding of what is expected during the term of employment.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection activities are part of operational HR. We can assist you with the whole process from creating a job description, sourcing the right media platforms or agencies through to CV checking, correspondence, interviews, assessments, identifying the right person for the role, and carrying out checks and requesting references. These services can be sourced in part or full depending on your requirements.



Disciplinary matters are one of the most common case types we are asked to advise on. Whether you are unsure how to handle a situation from the outset or just want the reassurance of a second opinion by seeking expert advice to ensure you have followed the correct procedure, our team of HR consultants are on hand to assist you.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation

If you have a situation within the business that could benefit from an external company brought into resolve a dispute, our experienced team of HR consultants can assist you.

At Centric HR, we’ll work with you to help navigate through interpersonal conflict and disputes between individuals or within a team. The art of mediation and effective conversations can prevent problems from escalating, and potential legal action.


If you find it necessary to issue some form of disciplinary sanction against one of your employees, then he or she must be provided with an opportunity to appeal against your decision. This is particularly important if you have decided to terminate an employee’s contract of employment following a disciplinary hearing.

We offer professional support to employers when an employee appeals and we guide them through the employee appeal tribunal process. We have experience of the legal process and understand how stressful managing an appeal can be, so we are here to ensure everything is completed in a sensitive and legally compliant manner.

Managing redundancies

This is understandably a sensitive process and at Centric HR we can either guide you through the process ensuring you have all the information and documentation and support by phone and email for peace of mind, or we can manage the whole redundancy process for you by taking care of the end-to-end process, including reviewing the case and selection criteria, planning and holding meetings, and sending out the documentation.

Advice on short and long term sickness absence

Sickness absence can be caused by various different things, it can consist of an employee’s general physical condition, conditions at the employees works, including health and safety standards, levels of stress, and harassment and bullying. Family or emotional problems can also play a huge part as can mental health issues other than just stress or anxiety.

The affect this has on companies can be immense and we can support you with advice to manage this including back to work interviews, occupational health, stress surveys and dealing with individuals who’s sicknesss record is deemed unacceptable.



Unfortunately, we all need to resolve complex employee disciplinary issues from time to time. An external professional investigator can discreetly provide the evidential and unbiased report needed to allow you to regain control and make informed decisions.

Being discreet we can provide a full, evidential report that an employer can then use to make the right decision for their business. The majority of employees are honest, hard working and loyal. However, management and owners have a right to protect their business against unscrupulous persons who are willing to take advantage.


Site visits

We can provide experienced HR consultants to visit your site/s and meet with management, supervisors and all staff to provide you with a report on operations, how the staff view the business, its vision, values and ethics not to mention affording the opportunity for direct feedback from employees. Employee feedback is crucial for any business leaders and can shed light on aspects of daily operations that may not always be readily apparent, providing deeper insights into what goes on behind the scenes and how processes could be improved to increase overall job satisfaction and productivity.