Line Management People Skills

Any organisation that wants to achieve success needs strong line management people skills. Line management refers to the management of employees who are directly involved in the production or delivery of products, goods and/or services.

A line manager is an employee who directly manages other employees and operations while reporting to a higher-ranking manager and it’s imperative this person has the right skills and training.

Since they take on responsibility for running a distinct team or function within a business, these individuals need to reach certain standards and get results from their department to ensure the entire company can function effectively.

Centric HR can provide bespoke training that will support new or existing line managers with the skills  and competencies they need to effectively manage people.  People performance management is one of the key mechanisms for implementing business strategy.

Line managers are crucial in implementing sound people management activities and are on the frontline when it comes to safeguarding people’s performance in organisations. 

A line manager with the right capabilities will be able to successfully juggle what are sometimes conflicting demands and with the right training will be able move your business forward in the right direction.

Benefits of line management people skills

  • Ensure work gets completed in timeframes that suit both employee and organisation.
  • Ensure the tasks that get completed are both aligned with organisational goals and empowering to the employee.
  • Develop employees by stretching their abilities while giving them the support they need to grow.
Here is a selection of Line Management People Skills courses and topics that we can offer:

Line manager self awareness courses that assist line managers to understand their key styles and recognize their own interpersonal skills and development.

Maximising Attendance – to help managers deal with long and short term sickness whilst understanding what makes employees motivated to keep coming to work.

Managing Performance effectively  – appraisals, setting objectives and managing poor performance

Managing difficult conversations.

Recruitment compliance and best practice.

Equality and Diversity

Selection Skills, including interview techniques and unconscious bias.

Onboarding, and mentoring new starters.

Managing and undertaking Discipline and grievance investigations – report writing

Managing Disciplinary/Grievance hearings and appeals

Chairing meetings – basic skills generally or employee relations matters.

GDPR compliance for HR services.

Understanding and dealing with change management.

 Time management and effective use of time  

"Line managers play a crucial role on the frontline when it comes to safeguarding people’s performance in organisations."

Key benefits of Line manager skills training
  • Improved absence and retention rates.
  • Safe recruitment and selection.
  • Approachable management style.
  • Happy and more productive employees – improved staff satisfaction surveys.
  • Increased morale and productivity.
  • Effective use of time and optimised resources.
  • Effective and improved decision making.
  • More experienced managers in chairing meetings, improving confidence.
  • Safe processes and reduced time periods to complete quality disciplinary and grievance investigations and hearings.
  • Improved improving understanding of and GDPR compliance with reduced incidences.
  • Increased productivity and profit margins.
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