Interim HR Management

The team at Centric HR are fully versed in strategic and operational HR management, having managed sizeable workforces, in both office and remote locations at short notice, which is why an interim HR management solution may be the best option for your organisation.

We understand that transitions can be stressful and sometimes challenging if you have a temporary change or a HR resignation. You maybe in the process of recruiting full time resources or training existing staff for a promotion and further leadership. That being the case, we have a wealth of experience in ensuring stability and a manageable transition to guide you through.

Benefits of Interim HR Management

Hiring a professional on an interim basis will ensure that there is resource needed when required.

A cost effective way to resource projects with experts, without the full time costs of the professional.  

Compliance is gained with the oversight of the HR professional.

Like water from a tap, they are there when you need them, and not there when you don’t.

Projects can be overseen by the interim team member.

Employees feel assured and can provide feedback when they know HR are involved in projects.

When working with an interim HR professional, you will learn more around the function and gain a greater understanding.

A fresh perspective. New ideas and knowledge of governance and best practice.

As a resourcing option, interim HR management offers several distinct advantages. One is flexibility. Interims can be deployed by the day or week for anything from a few weeks to a couple of years. Another is speed. It can take months to recruit a permanent senior executive; an interim management team can assist your business within days.

"Interims can be deployed by the day or week for anything from a few weeks to a couple of years."

How Centric HR can assist your business with Interim HR Management

We have extensive experience of providing Interim HR Management solutions to a wide and varied range of organisations in both the public and private sector. We have implemented and assisted organisations with the following:

Writing people strategies and presenting to Boards of Management, Trustees and Directors.

Strategic leadership for projects on workforce planning, providing significant reduction in resources and expenditure within a hospital trust.

Implementation of HR systems in sizeable organisations (600+ employees) to manage both payroll, HR and L&D services within the Housing Sector.

Harmonisation of terms and conditions of employment (4000+ employees).

Picking up on case management activity to move this forward to resolutions.

Handling or supporting sensitive discussions with employees.

Change Management projects at all levels from start to finish.

Providing management upskilling training for basic people management skills.

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