HR Outsourcing

One of our key specialisms is being able to look at a workforce structure/processes and instantly identify easy quick wins on workforce efficiency and planning to enable your business to run smoothly and become more cost effective. We provide HR outsourcing services throughout the UK.

As there are so many different branches in HR, some companies may find it a lot easier to reach out to specialist companies, rather than employing somebody in-house. HR outsourcing can reduce costs by shifting certain business functions to a third party for a significant period of time.

The benefits of HR outsourcing services for your business

There are many advantages of HR outsourcing. Skills and knowledge are one of those. Hiring someone from a specialist company will ensure they have been fully trained in that one specific field and will have extensive excellent knowledge. You may find that someone in-house may not know something as in depth as a specialist or be as informative and up to date.  Increased legislative compliance is another issue.  Specialist companies, such as payroll or pensions, will have more of an understanding of the legislation that surrounds that subject, ensuring legal compliance in an ever-changing world.   

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HR Outsourcing Services – A cost effective solution

Companies can focus on their core business process rather than human resources when they outsource their HR.

Reduced costs is an overall advantage when hiring an HR adviser through an outsourced solution in comparison to hiring a substantive employee – especially if you are an SME who cannot really afford the substantive costs of a qualified HR professional, or a company that needs specialist knowledge for a bespoke project or initiative.

Operational HR Outsourcing Services

In the UK, the average cost of a HR Manager who can deal with a range of generalist HR issues safely with the right level of experience, is between £35-£42k.  A HR Adviser may have less exposure but able to deal with basic HR administration in the region of £25-£30k.  By using our HR outsourcing services, this provides companies with a cost-effective way of ensuring they tap into the right experience and advice as and when they need it, whilst ensuring the service is affordable.

HR Projects and Consultancy

Specialist projects and initiatives sometime require key experts within a niche field and employing someone that is right for the project with the correct experience and know-how may prove difficult and expensive.  Outsourcing the work to a HR consultancy will provide you with the specialist knowledge that you need that can often be analysed, developed, presented and implemented within a limited timeframe, where costs can be managed and controlled.  You can save time on finding the right person; using a credible consultancy will mitigate against poor outcomes and results. 

HR Support for Businesses

At Centric HR we offer external HR support for small businesses and medium businesses (SMEs). We can provide general external HR support, or we can be your overall, outsourced HR consulting company. We have provided HR services for small business operators around the UK for many years, and want to continue to uphold our high standards with every small or medium business we work with by utilising expert HR strategies across both public and private sectors.

We are proud to have a reputation for providing companies solutions for executive teams, encompassing complex, sensitive and often contentious employment casework as well as challenging workforce projects.

The downside of not using HR Outsourcing Services

The cost of poor people management can be substantial and if a company fails to comply with the law, they could be faced with a hefty claim at an employment tribunal and a large bill for the legal costs.

As previously mentioned, a specialist will have more of an understanding of the law in their field, and will know it inside out, which would mean the chance of a tribunal for a situation is less likely.

For more details on how Centric HR can help your business grow with our HR Outsourcing services please contact us.


The new maximum award for unfair dismissa – can you afford this? or the worry? 


Tribunal claims increased by 90% since tribunal fees abolished.


The average tribunal awards for unfair dismissal is £11,704 whilst the average award for discrimination cases are £17,802.

"As a Company owner you can focus on your core business process rather than human resources by outsourcing to Centric HR."​

Unfair Dismissal / Discrimination 2020/21

Indicative Median Award 2020/21
Unfair Dismissal£11,704
Race Discrimination£12,487
Sex Discrimination£17,240
Disability Discrimination£28,371
Religion/Belief Discrimination£4,767
Age Discrimination£26,148
Sexual Orientation Discrimination£0


Supporting you to consider the strategy of any HR outsourcing and what you hope to achieve by doing it.

Be a trusted and independent advisor to your business.



Carry out a full review of HR services and assess best options for business, retaining in house vs outsourcing.

Full due diligence including financial review of services to understand cost implications.


Support or carry out research on supplier services in the market and present findings and provide impartial advice with tendering processes and procurement and contract set up.



Project manage any outsourcing including governance and auditable processes.

Work with business departments to understand and manage the TUPE implications of any outsourcing.



Supporting organisations to maintain business as usual activities whilst outsourcing takes place, allowing companies to concentrate on what matters.

Advising on current contract management with outsourced service providers.


Help your grow your business with a pro-active approach to all HR matters.