Employee Recognition and Reward

Recognition is one of the best methods of improving work motivation and employee engagement. Employee recognition and reward is a strategy that can be implemented in small and large businesses alike, as it is a great way to motivate employees to change their work habits and everyday behaviours to benefit the business.

How should employee recognition and reward schemes be implemented?

Both are in fact different things: reward is essentially pay whilst recognition is a gift. Of course, the two often go hand in hand, and how these are recognised is key in acknowledging  performance and in turn, encouraging value and behaviours. 
Recognition can be monetary, non-financial or simply a public acknowledgement of someone’s efforts. The outcome should always be to motivate, engage and encourage employees to work to the best of their ability and feel positive in their work ethic. 
Having a good reward system helps keep employees happy, loyal to the company, and eager to move up the ladder, but another important factor is the increase in employee retention, thus resulting in overall higher profits for the company. Every business needs to define how recognition will work for them and what rewards will work for the individuals, as one model may not suit all.
At Centric HR we develop employee reward systems to reward performance and motivate your employees on individual and/or group levels. These are normally considered separate from salary but may be monetary in nature or otherwise have a cost to the company.

"Reward and recognition is the activity we engage in to acknowledge exceptional performance and encourage specific values or behaviours."

Our services

We have extensive experience working with clients to implement employee recognition and reward strategies within all types of organisations and our services include:


Work with business to identify key reward motivators for employees and boost employees productivity.


Develop recognition models to include performance review and links to pay.


Design and embed appraisal systems that ensure employees  get feedback and an opportunity to discuss their roles.


Developed a “You said, we did” approach to survey results – using employee feedback to make change.


Breathe HR platform implementation as a model of employee engagement and effective communication, demo’s and training for users.


Tendering and procuring for employee reward platforms.


Equipping managers with the skills to identify good performance and recognise this, along with identifying poor performance and capability issues and how to handle conversations with employees.

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