Defined HR Consultancy

Defined HR Consultancy can often be used to address a particular problem or deficit and tasked with assessment, auditing, proposal and implementation of a policy designed to address the deficit and drive organisational change.

At Centric HR we offer specialist advice and services to help businesses maximise the efficiency of their HR operations and implement appropriate new policies and procedures in the best way possible. We listen and then we ‘define’ a people strategy for the organisation that best fits their needs and requirements. There is usually some predefined outcomes that they wish to have in place or some return on investment which we will advise on. 

We will also advise management on the administration of human resources policies and procedures and serve as internal consultants by analysing a company’s current HR programmes and will of course recommend solutions.

We can help your organisation through a Defined HR Consultancy with…

Business recovery

Business growth plans

Preparedness for merger/acquisition

Audit and compliance validation

Performance evaluation

Vertical integration with corporate strategy

Conflict management support

Managing large scale redundancies

Setting up local joint negotiating committees

Organisational development

"Our role is to assist our clients with identification of their HR needs, help them develop an action plan and establish policy and procedures to enhance the success of their organisation."

3 Key benefits of Defined HR Consultancy



An effective and efficient recruiting and hiring process is a must for companies to remain competitive.


An honest performance assessment. Often, it’s difficult to see the truth when you are too close to the situation.




Reduce the stress and strain on your management teams at all levels with a team dedicated to working on your HR functions.

For further information on how Centric HR can help your business and advise you with a Defined HR Consultancy plan within your organisation please…