How to attract the best candidates

How to attract the best candidates

The talent pool has all levels of candidates within it, but you want to make sure that you get the best ones for your business. There is no magic that provides you with 5 brilliant people knocking on your door, you need to make your company shine, so those brilliant people come to you.

What’s the best way to make this happen? How do you get these brilliant, engaged people who will invest themselves into the business? Inspired and motivated. Generating positive energy and productivity within the team. Especially when there are other businesses out there looking for the same candidates.

You need to understand firstly what motivates and inspires people to want to invest themselves in a company. Once you have a strategy including that understanding, then you will know who the people are you want to attract, and the best ways to know how to attract them.

The proposition

Create the right job description in the first instance, which will ensure the applicants are right for the role. If you leave it a bit woolly, then the applications will rise in quantity, not quality. No one has the time to trawl through unsuitable candidates, so if you put in the detail and the requirements, you will end up with more of the right, and less of the wrong.

It isn’t always just about the financial reward. The proposition you are offering will prove more attractive when additional benefits are included. Review the benefits that are standard to the business and then decide what the offer for the right candidate will include. These could include flexible working, career development, and private healthcare.

The salary offered for the role has to be in accordance with the industry. If you are offering a salary that is much lower than the standard, you will not get the right candidates. Experience and confidence in their abilities will mean your roles will be discounted, or not included with any searches.

Career Progression

In the fluid market we have at present, candidates want to know where they are going next in the business. Ambition can make or break a good candidate continuing with their application if they see an obstruction on their career path. The majority are looking for a business to invest in them in return, so consider what opportunities there will be in the future.

What are your values

Company values are not marketing fluff. These values and how your company shows its dedication to them are crucial to make sure that your company is attractive to candidates. When candidates find companies with values and ethics they share, then they are more likely to invest themselves in your company. Like calls to like, as they say. Make sure that you convey these messages to potential employees.

Look after your reputation

Work hard to build and maintain a reputation as a good employer. Websites such as Glassdoor give people a sounding board on what it is like to work at the company If employees are bad mouthing your business it is going to give you a huge hit in terms of the talent pool available to you. It is to be expected that the occasional disgruntled employee, current or former, will give their two pennies worth online, so don’t panic if you get the odd one. In the circumstances, if there are a lot and the complaints are reasonable, it will deter applications.

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