Employee motivation – Get the best out of your employees in the summer

Employee Motivation - Get the best out of your employees in the summer

A manager is there to get the best out of their employees, but when the sun is blazing it’s guaranteed that concentration will lower, and there will be longing looks out of the window.

So, as a manager and a business, what is the best way to keep employee motivation levels up when the sun is out?

The British weather is not consistent enough to have a yearly plan to put in place, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t a few ways to keep up your sleeve for those few days we have where the country boils.

Here are a few of our hints and tips to help you keep your team on point:

Mobile Workplace

Modern technology gives us a huge amount of leeway in our work environment. We can work from wherever we want, as we have laptops and mobiles. If the weather is going to be glorious, then let your team work from home, rather than in the office.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Make sure all the team plans are scheduled in, so everyone knows what they have to achieve by deadlines on a week by week basis. This also works well when annual leave comes into play. Communicate consistently with the team and make sure everyone knows their workload.

Treat them!

When the sun is out, and you know people would rather be sitting in it (yourself included), then treat the team to ice cream / ice lollies. It is a small thing that means a lot to people.

Head outside

Sunshine and fresh air is guaranteed to make people feel better and more focussed. Instead of keeping your team in the office, why not grab some blankets and head outside. Use this time as a thought and ideas session. Wake up your teams minds, and get them involved in some planning. Doing it in the outdoors will shake them away from their desks and get the creative juices flowing.

Bring summer to the office

If you don’t have anywhere to take your employees outside, bring the outside in. Have a day of fun for everyone. Beach balls and deckchairs ahoy for something a little different, and give the team a chance to get together and brainstorm. Relax the dress code and organise refreshments.

Be flexible

Be understanding that things are always going to be happening during summer. Sports Days and school plays to start. Keep things flexible for your team and they will thank you for it.

Change and change about

Although one that not all businesses can accommodate, switching up hours works well for some. Asking the team to come in earlier or stay later from Monday to Thursday, and allow them to leave early on a Friday. This will ensure that all deadlines will be hit ready for lunchtime, we can assure you.

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Sandra Berns

Sandra Berns

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