Centric HR making the news

Centric HR making the news - Expres and Star January 2021

We are really proud to have made the news with Britain’s leading regional newspaper the Express and Star publishing an article on how we have managed to triple revenues in the last 12 months after offering vital free and low-cost advice to small and medium-sized businesses throughout Covid-19.

The article was born out of a podcast that the media picked up on where Sandra Berns (Centric HR MD) shared her experiences in the latest podcast in a series called ‘Aston means business: SMEs building resilience to COVID-19 challenges’ presented by journalist Steve Dyson. Sandra said it was her attendance on Aston University’s Small Business Growth programme that proved pivotal, saying she was persuaded that she needed to invest in the company in order for it to grow.

You can read the full Express and Star article here: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/business/business-picks/2021/01/05/hr-firm-triples-revenue-by-helping-small-businesses/

You can listen to the Aston means business podcast featuring Sandra Berns here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7LDUHJ6ZtLFy50WL6LPc18




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Picture of Sandra Berns

Sandra Berns

Centric HR was founded by Sandra Berns, a confident and versatile Human Resources and Organisational Development Practitioner with 25 years demonstrable experience and a Fellow of the CIPD. Sandra has both Operational and Strategic HR expertise across Public and Private sectors and has assisted senior teams in meeting challenging workforce objectives in many corporate environments.