Outplacement Services

Outplacement services are becoming an increasingly popular and ethical way for organisations to help employees they have had to make redundant enter the jobs market.

At Centric HR we provide a range of outplacement services to support groups of individuals or on a one2one basis for those going through a redundancy process. Our outplacement portfolio allows us to offer a range of outplacement services to suit all budgets and requirements from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Ideally outplacement services will meet an individual’s requirements and can be accessed before the course takes place.  Dependent on the individuals previous experience and skill set, they may require additional support in relation to transferable skills into other senior positions in alternative industries or promotion into more senior roles.

Outplacement Services can either be delivered as a training course (2-3 days) or be provided as a ‘pick and mix’ approach allowing individuals to choose what and how they would like to be supported.  All Individuals would have a pre-call with the consultant to understand their needs and requirements which is normally up to 1 hour.

Benefits to the individual
  • Confidence-building for the individual at a vulnerable / worrying time.
  • Help to gain a greater clarity and focus on their next role.
  • CV gets reviewed by professionals.
  • Improved interview skills to secure a new position.
  • Improved success-rate in being shortlisted for target roles.
Benefits to the organisation
  • Providing genuine help to individuals who are about to face a very competitive job market.
  • Lower risk of conflict and fewer legal disputes as individuals feel supported by their previous employer.
  • Freeing up HR and line management time and energy.
  • Maintain the morale of the rest of the workforce who will see their ex-colleagues being treated well and supported.



Building a CV
“What do you have in your toolbox?”

– Types of modern CV
– Critiquing your CV
– KPIs /Achievements
– Formats
– Covering letters

Applying for jobs
“Learning how to play the game.”

– Modern job search
– Agencies
– Adverts/JD/PS keywords
– Essential/Desirable
– Applications
– Covering letters

Preparing for Interview
“So, tell me about your weaknesses…”

– Research
– Generic questions
– Competency based questions
– In-tray and assessment
– Culture and ‘fit’

The “enjoyable” Interview

– Tips for body language/tone/dress
– Process/scoring
– Negatives/positives
– Selection/assessment
– Identifying Organisation needs

Senior Manager Support
“Let’s take it to the next level.”

– Understanding level
– Strategic context
– Technical Vs Leadership
– Rounded answers
– Governance/compliance

Beliefs and Values Coaching Session

– Identify values and beliefs
– Explore self- employment/career options/direction
– Retirement options
– Identify proactive actions
– Planning for the future
– Research where necessary

Our outplacement clients are drawn from a wide range of industries and occupations and their career objectives can vary from finding a new job in a similar field, moving sector or a complete career change.  We also work with a number of people who are looking to or have started their own business.

We currently have nine associates, seven of whom are all CIPD qualified and most being Fellows of the CIPD.  We have two administrators who provide note taking for disciplinaries and grievances and recruitment administration. Our associates have worked at a senior level for 10+ years. For more details on our Outplacement Services please contact us here.