Intelligence Gathering

Unfortunately, we all need to resolve complex employee disciplinary issues from time to time. An external professional investigator can discreetly provide the evidential and unbiased report needed to allow you to regain control and make informed decisions.

We have partnered with a professional intelligence gathering company who have a background in Corporate HR. Working as an extension of your own management team their experience means they understand how HR departments, and small businesses without an HR department, need to work. They know what needs to happen next and understand the wider disciplinary process.

As professional Investigators they remain discreet and can provide a full, evidential report that an employer can then use to make the right decision for their business. The majority of employees are honest, hard working and loyal. However, management and owners have a right to protect their business against unscrupulous persons who are willing to take advantage.

Intelligence gathering services can be used to check…

Absence from the workplace.

Exaggerated workplace incident claims.

Background checks.



Breach of contract.

Our investigation partners can provide photographic and video evidence, Social Media profiling and enquiry results that will enable your business to move forward with confidence.

 Their extensive experience in navigating HR issues stems from managing large teams across multi-site locations – so they understand what is required of them and how to protect your Brand whilst delivering comprehensive and evidential Reports.

With responsible research as one of the main pillars of their business, they consistently adhere to strict quality, privacy and legal standards in order to ensure their work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate. They are both GDPR compliant and ICO Registered and all Investigations are guided by the Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 at all times. They carry full Indemnity Insurance and are members of the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network.

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