There are a number of benefits for companies seeking to employ apprentices, not least the significant amount of funding currently available from the UK government.

Apprenticeships have moved on from what they used to be and are an exciting option for both apprentice and employer. You can now employ apprentices at all different levels, from school leavers to people that want to further their careers or change career direction completely. An apprentice can be aged 16 or 100 plus!

In a survey commissioned by the government in 2017, 86% of employers reported benefiting from ‘the development of skills relevant to the organisation’ by hiring apprentices. A further three-quarters highlighted ‘improved productivity, better quality of product or service, and higher staff morale.’

At Centric HR we help you set up an Apprenticeship program, see our process below.

Benefits of hiring Apprentices…

90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after completing an apprenticeship.

There’s a wide selection of apprenticeships available, covering lots of different job roles.

You can adapt the training your apprentice receives according to the needs of your organisation.


You can employ an apprentice who’s aged 16 up to any age and from any background.

Its simple and cost effective to set up. Centric HR can provide assistance with all elements of the process. (see below)

It offers a return on investment – staff become more experienced and competent as they are training towards a nationally recognised apprenticeship qualification.

It Increases employee engagement as staff are more motivated, loyal and have clear direction for their personal and professional development.


Business growth is attained by attracting fresh talent your workforce can be grown by recruiting apprentices.

Our process…

Stage 1

Research providers for clients based on their requirements

Stage 2

Research grants available for employers to  take on apprentices

Stage 3

Source suitable candidates for apprenticeships where relevant

Stage 4

Provide employers with bespoke apprentice contracts 

Stage 5

Process the apprenticeship on the online application portal

Stage 6

Provide support to both the employer and apprentices throughout the process