Sickness and Absence Monitoring

Gain invaluable insights with Breathe's sickness and absence monitoring system, offering complete visibility over employee sickness trends.

Monitoring your staff’s absence is about much more than just documentation. The right absence management software will help you identify illness patterns, support your staff to get back to work, nip potential absenteeism in the bud, and take steps to reduce staff absence.

Breathe’s sickness monitoring software keeps all sick notes and back-to-work documents in one place, produces in-depth absence reports, and makes automatic Bradford Factor calculations. It’s the ultimate tool for keeping on top of absence.

It’s unrealistic to expect your team to never take a day off sick. However, it’s important you keep a record of absence to detect any underlying issues and trends.

Breathe lets you take control and manage your people’s sick days without the hassle.

Sickness and Absence Monitoring, Refocus on employee wellbeing - Centric HR

Absence overview at a glance

HR and line managers can approve or submit absences on the system as soon as they receive word from an unwell person, from any connected device.

Breathe’s straightforward dashboards let you know who’s reported sick, who authorised the absence, and who’s out of the office – all at a glance.

Insights in an instant

Absence can be a significant cost for your business, so dealing with it proactively is a must. The insights and reports that Breathe provides will let you detect problems before they develop. And, thanks to their automatic Bradford Factor score generator, you’ll be aware of whose absence could become an issue.

Sickness and Absence Monitoring, Insights in an instant - Centric HR
Sickness and Absence Monitoring, Absence overview at a glance - Centric HR

Refocus on employee wellbeing

Simplifying your sickness and absence management with Breathe lets you focus instead on your teams wellness.

Breathe’s system enables better communication with your people, allowing you to keep up with their progress and arrange one-to-ones to give them the support they need to thrive.

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