Employee Performance Management

Boost your team’s efforts and recognise their achievements with Breathe's employee performance management system.​

Our employee performance management software helps leadership teams keep track of their people’s performance and productivity. It should also offer a means of giving feedback and recognition to hardworking team members.

Breathe’s powerful performance management features help you recognise and reward your people for their hard work. It lets you easily arrange one-to-ones, annual appraisal meetings, and set goals and targets for staff to strive for.

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Employee Performance Management, appraisals - Centric HR

Find time for employee appraisals

Regular appraisals are crucial for improving employee engagement. They keep your team on the right track with their goals and allow you to nip any potential issues in the bud.

Breathe makes it easy to book these appraisals and will automatically notify staff about their time and location.

You can even score people on their performance for at-a-glance comparison with other team members.

Promote professional growth

Breathe’s employee performance management software encourages your people to pursue professional growth by letting them know what training programs they need to complete.

Your management team can then easily keep up with who’s done what and who needs chasing. Scheduling training has never been so effortless.

Breathe also notifies you if training has expired and when it needs to be completed.

Employee Performance Management, Promote professional growth - Centric HR
Employee Performance Management, Establish clear expectations - Centric HR

Establish clear expectations

Your team needs to know what’s expected of them to achieve their targets.

Breathe’s employee performance management software lets you set objectives and link them directly to company-wide goals, letting people see how their work plays a valuable part in the success of the wider business.

Give credit where it’s due

Boost employee engagement and satisfaction by sending your team messages of recognition via Breathe’s kudos system.

Anyone in the company can send kudos to anyone else, letting HR know who’s really making an impact on the team. 

Employee Performance Management, Give credit where its due - Centric HR

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