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Keep your systems coordinated by seamlessly integrating Breathe HR with software you use everyday with an open-source API.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a set of routines and protocols that define how different pieces of software interact with one another. A HR system API, then, can communicate with your existing applications to keep employee data and important documents up to date and aligned across systems.

No matter which software applications you currently have in place, introducing Breathe into the mix couldn’t be easier thanks to their open-source API. Wave goodbye to manually inputting data into multiple systems and refocus your time on managing your people instead.

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Integrate with API, HR sytems you love - Centric-HR

Keep using the HR systems you love

Just because you’ve started using Breathe doesn’t mean you need to cast the systems you’re comfortable with – like RotaCloud and Outlook Calendar – aside. With an easy-to-install API, if Breathe needs information that’s stored in another app, it can access it in no time.

Data that’s up to date

Using the Breathe API will ensure all your employee data is kept up to date, no matter what system is used to make amendments. This saves you the headache of logging into multiple applications – with multiple usernames and passwords – to manually keep on top of updated information.

Integrate with API, Data thats up to date - Centric HR
Integrate with API, Reports - Centric HR

A safe place to test

Developers are free to play around and test their API consuming code – without fear of making business-critical errors – thanks to Breathe’s sandbox test environment.

Develop custom applications

Breathe’s API grants you integration access to build custom applications that suit your unique business needs. We’re always happy to help our customers, so feel free to get in touch with us for custom development advice.

Integrate with API, Develop custom applications - Centric HR

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