HR Task Management

Keep track of your HR to-do list with Breathe's HR Task Management software system.

HR task management software helps you to do more, faster. With Breathe, you can easily delegate jobs to colleagues or teams, set reminders, and get notified when a time-sensitive task is due for completion. Picture it as a helping hand that ensures you complete what’s urgent so you can refocus on the important aspects of running your business.

Handling HR requires a certain amount of micromanagement, and it’s easy to lose sight of what needs completing when. Thankfully, with Breathe, the days of keeping track with endless spreadsheets and sporadic sticky notes are behind us.

HR Task Management, Top - Centric HR
HR Task Management, Easily plan - Centric HR

Easily plan and prioritisee

The user-friendly dashboard lets you plan and prioritise your day, guaranteeing you never lose sight of what’s important.

You can access an overview of all tasks so you can see if your team are on track. If they’re not, it’s easy to reshuffle and reallocate tasks to help you hit your deadlines.

Granular permission controls

Simple-to-assign user permissions let you grant or limit access to specific features, workflows, or financial information.

This ensures your colleagues only see what they need to get their tasks done, letting you breathe easy.

HR Task Management, Permission controls - Centric HR
HR Task Management, Calendar - Centric HR

Easy to view user interface

All of Breathe’s software has been designed to not only be super intuitive but aesthetically pleasing too – no matter which device you’re using.

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