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The new, smarter way to schedule shifts with Breathe's HR Rota Software system.

Planning shifts can be a real headache. But it doesn’t have to be. Breathe’s HR Rota Software has been especially designed to make organising your team a breeze. Create your rota, notify staff about upcoming shifts and make quick changes afterwards.

HR Rota Software, Rota Planning - Centric HR

Features and Benefits


Breathe Rota is 100% mobile-optimised, so you and your team can access your rota using any device.

Share in a flash

Share the rota with your team instantly.

Avoid rota-overload

View only what you need to – filter your calendar by day, week, or month.

A personal touch

Each team member gets their own personal dashboard where they can review shifts.

Easy to use

Getting up and running is effortless with software that’s designed for ease of use.

Stay in the loop

Give your team the heads up when new shifts are created, and be notified when your team respond to them.

Assign multiple roles

Have workers that cover more than one role? Assign them to as many as you need.

Feel supported

Our friendly support team and comprehensive knowledge base are here to offer you a helping hand.

Everything in one place

Keep all employee information safe and secure in the cloud, and access it from anywhere.

HR Rota Software, Everyone on the same page - Centric HR

Everyone on the same page

For a team that runs like clockwork, communication is key. With Breathe Rota, you can share your schedule with your team in an instant.

Your team can access the rota from any device, where they can accept or reject shifts in a single click.

Your team will also be notified via email about any new shifts they’ve been given. 

Rota planning, perfected

Creating a schedule without the right tools can be stressful and time-consuming. But Breathe Rota makes shift planning super-easy.

You’ll have everything you need to create your team’s rota quickly, so you can get back to what’s important.

Welcome to the new way of scheduling your week through Breathe.

HR Rota Software, Rota planning perfected - Centric HR

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