HR Dashboard

Tackle all your HR tasks from one screen with Breathe's HR Dashboard.

An HR dashboard gives you a deeper understanding of your company’s HR situation through detailed visualisations and easy-to-digest data snapshots. This empowers you to improve HR processes like recruitment and leave management.

Breathe HR Software’s HR dashboard acts as a centralised hub for all your HR needs, providing you with meaningful data right at your fingertips. You can automate administrative tasks, gain an overview of what’s coming up, and keep on top of your HR to-do’s – all from one place.

HR Dashboard, top - Centric HR
HR Dashboard, Take HR off your to do list - Centric HR

Take HR off your to-do list

With Breathe’s HR dashboard it lets you automate common HR tasks, like sending job application acknowledgement emails, responding to holiday requests, and more. 

Gain clarity over your HR

The HR dashboard lets you understand the state of your HR processes at a glance.

You can quickly see the number of employees you have, how many are on holiday or off sick, and who’s due their biannual appraisal.

This aerial view of your HR lets you see everything in an instant, giving you time back to invest in the more important areas of your business.

HR Dashboard, Gain clarity over your HR
HR Dashboard, Get things done - Centric HR

Get things done

The tasks section of the dashboard clearly lists the important HR jobs that demand your attention like appraisals, new policy documents, etc.

Get a grasp of all this and more, ticking off your to-do’s with ease.

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