Expenses Management

A smart online expenses management system, that manage's your people's expenses without the headache. You can submit, approve and report on expenses claims from one easy-to-use system.

Expense management software is a streamlined online system for submitting, approving, managing and reporting on company expenses. It is designed to provide a seamless flow of data, increase the visibility of expenditure, improve expenses compliance, and accelerate the expenses process.

Breathe’s online expense management software gives you ultimate control over business expenses. Your team can input claims online, upload receipts, and submit for approval in a matter of minutes. Managers can approve and track them at the touch of a button. Once approved in one click, they’re on their way to Accounts for processing and completion. From the dashboard, people can instantly view their expenses history and see at a glance anything that is outstanding.


Simple and speedy claims

It couldn’t be easier to use Breathe. Your people can effortlessly record and submit expenses, at their desk, at home, or on the go. Mileage is quickly calculated, and receipts can be snapped on a phone then uploaded in a flash. Breathe keeps everything organised and eliminates lost-receipt woes.

Effortless, efficient approvals

The expenses approval process has never been quicker or easier. Claims and receipts can be instantly accepted and approved, or rejected, with the option to add a comment. Automatically generated emails keep everyone informed throughout the process.


Greater visibility and control

Cut out confusion about allowable expenses and spend-limits, and increase your people’s accountability. Breathe lets you monitor expenses against specific projects or clients, helping you keep a close eye, and tight control, on budgets and project expenditure.

Easy automated expenses reporting

Breathe’s comprehensive automated reports highlight expenditure trends and keeps your finger on the company expenses pulse like never before. Our online expense software gives you access to reports organised by expense claim status, project, department, division, or location. And you can download to Excel in an instant.


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