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Keep your office organised with Breathe. Keep people informed and never misplace a file again.

Document management software ensures all your HR related data is named, stored, routed, and tracked in one easy-to-access digital system. It makes it easier to keep track of performance reviews, administrative requests, expense reports, and more. With Breathe’s document management software, you can consign shared network folders, paper trails, and overflowing filing cabinets to history.

This document management software is the smart way to streamline your HR admin. It’s a paper-free, online document storage and communication tool that keeps your office organised and your people in the know. Simplify your document management processes and free-up time to focus on your people instead.

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Document Management, Share information fast - Centric HR

Share information, fast

With everything stored online, important information can be shared across your organisation in a matter of moments. You can even track who has/has yet to read a document and send reminders or alerts at the click of a button.

Safe, secure and compliant

All HR data stored in Breathe is encrypted to the highest security standards, and because it’s online it’s kept safe from natural disasters or theft. The granular privacy controls ensure your organisation remains GDPR compliant too, with users only having access to what they’re authorised. 

Document Management, secure and compliant - Centric HR
Document Management, Embrace the paperless future

Embrace the paperless future

It goes without saying, but storing all your HR documents digitally will save your business hundreds of pounds on paper, ink, and boxy filing cabinets. Going paperless is good for your bank account, and good for the environment.

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