Centralise HR Information

With Breathe's HR software system all employee data is in one employee database. Wave goodbye to spreadsheets!!

The Breathe HR software system provides your business with all the tools you need to build and maintain a happy and productive workforce.

With all HR processes and employee information stored securely in a central repository, Breathe lets you manage everything from onboarding and performance reviews to project time tracking, leave approval, payroll, expenses, and much more.

Centralise HR Information, Top - Centric HR
Centralise HR Information, Helping Staff - Centric HR

Helping staff help themselves

Breathe’s HR software empowers your staff to take care of themselves. They can request annual leave, book one-to-ones, and more from any internet connected device, giving you time back to focus on what you do best.

HR made easy

Breathe is super user-friendly and intuitive, making it a breeze for staff to make the most of its features. Because it’s been designed with mobile in mind, employees can handle their HR admin easily. And, because Breathe is so simple-to-use, you’ll love using it as much as your team does.

Centralise HR Information, HR made easy - Centric HR
Centralise HR Information, Top - Centric HR

A HR database that’s safe and secure

Safeguarding your employees’ personal data is a huge responsibility for your company. With Breathe’s software all personal data is stored to the highest GDPR-compliant security standards, with granular privacy and sharing settings letting you decide who sees what and when.

Protect your greatest asset

Breathe’s HR software allows your people to create schedules, track hours, and keep on top of their training, giving them far greater autonomy over their work lives. If you take care of your staff, they’ll take care of your business.

Centralise HR Information, Protect your greatest asset - Centric HR
Centralise HR Information, Communication consolidated - Centric HR

Communication, consolidated

If you need to inform your workforce of something important be it a change of policy or procedure, whatever the communication, Breathe lets you quickly get documents out to employees – and track who’s acknowledged it – all from one central system.

Breathe also allows you to send company wide announcements through to employees too.

Robust, smart reporting

Making business-critical decisions has never been easier thanks to the wealth of data at your fingertips, but making sense of this data has historically been tricky. Not with Breathe, their smart report library keeps you in the know, letting you spot key trends and base your decisions on empirical data.

Centralise HR Information, Smart Reporting - Centric HR

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