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Manage, develop, and retain talent with software that helps your business grow. We are a re-seller and operator of Breathe HR software. The Breathe HR tool is the software your team will love; intuitive, straightforward and employee-friendly. The success of your company rests on managing people, not paperwork. Breathe HR software is a cloud-based solution focusing on ease of use.

Human Resources (HR) software streamlines all necessary HR functions for Human Capital Management (HCM). Also known as Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) or Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), HR software provides a powerful solution for everyday HR processes and strategic planning.

Breathe HR software has been developed for small and medium-sized businesses, helping to keep data secure and is GDPR compliant. The Breathe HR tool is an award-winning HR software which helps put you in control of all HR functions while re-centring your people at the heart of your business. It’s the perfect solution for keeping on top of your day-to-day HR tasks, centralising data, and maximising employee engagement.

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Breathe HR Tools

Holiday Management

A holiday management system that makes requesting and approving time off effortless for both employees and employers.

Document Management

Software that ensures all your HR related data is named, stored, routed, and tracked in one easy-to-access system.

Employee Performance Management

Powerful performance management features that help you recognise and reward your people.

Payroll Management

Paying your team, keeping track of their net pay to date, tax deductions, and bonuses all wrapped up in one easy to use system.

Recruitment & Applicant Tracking

From receiving CVs to meeting the team, Breathe allows small businesses to take ownership of every step of the recruitment process.

Sickness & Absence Monitoring

Sickness monitoring software that keeps all sick notes and back-to-work documents in one place and produces in-depth absence reports.

HR Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting tool interprets your data in a way that lets you understand it, empowering you to make smarter decisions.

Expenses Management

Online expense management software giving you control over business expenses. Input claims, upload receipts and submit for approval in a matter of minutes.

Bulk Updates

Add and update employee data quickly to cut down the time spent on employee record management with this unique software.

Absence Management

Software that helps you oversee holiday requests, periods of sickness, and all other types of employee absence.

Centralise HR Information

Manage everything from onboarding and performance reviews to project time tracking, leave approval, payroll and more.

HR Dashboard

Breathe’s HR dashboard acts as a centralised hub for all your HR needs, providing you with meaningful data right at your fingertips.

HR Task Management

The user-friendly dashboard lets you plan and prioritise your day, guaranteeing you never lose sight of what’s important.

Time Logs & Project Management

Breathe’s time log and project management tool allowing you to understand exactly where your employees’ time is going.

Location Management

With Breathe’s location tracker you can easily view where your people are, whether they’re working from home or at the office.

Integrate with API

Keep your systems coordinated by seamlessly integrating Breathe HR with software you use everyday with an open-source API.

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