January blues - Centric HR

January blues

Well, its that time of year…. Christmas is over for another year; finances were stretched for most to provide a perfect family break…but did we go too far in this pursue of perfection? January is…

Paying a Christmas bonus

Paying a Christmas bonus

Extra cash during the festive period is always welcomed by employees, but should companies pay a Christmas bonus? Are they obligated to and how much? A nationwide study by Hawk Incentives found that 33% of British workers have…

HR Analytics

The benefits of HR Analytics

"HR analytics is the application of statistics, modelling, and analysis of employee-related factors to improve business outcomes”. Sound confusing? Lets explain what it is and how this invaluable tool can benefit your business. Its grown in popularity over…

Managing high-risk HR

Managing high-risk HR

High-risk HR is not a phrase that any business owner wants to hear, especially when it is in relation to their own company. So how does a business reduce the chance of high-risk HR situations?…

Incorrect and late payments to employees

Late payments to employees

When a contract is signed between an employer and employee, this is a legal agreement that the employee will execute the duties assigned, and the employer will pay for these services. Pretty easy arrangement, right? Sadly, there…

Summer Holidays

Summer Holiday, Blues?

Everyone looks forward to their summer holiday, but as a manager how can you help the inevitable fallout of workload pressures and having key team members out of the business? In 2017, British Airways conducted…

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