12 benefits of outsourcing your HR

12 benefits of outsourcing your HR

There comes a point when every small, growing company needs to seriously consider areas of special expertise to be handled by someone who has skills in specialist areas. One of these areas is the HR function, so we have compiled a list of 12 benefits of outsourcing your HR to specialist practitioner like us here at Centric HR.

Having written before about outsourcing, it is the best option for many businesses where financially a full time HR person is not a viable option yet, but the business is growing to the extent where the work created is more than anyone can manage as well as their own role.

Here are 12 benefits of outsourcing your HR function that we have compiled:

1. Reduce costs

An obvious one, but it makes complete sense. When the company doesn’t have many employees, and the amount of work required isn’t enough for a full-time employee, by paying only for the services you need, it makes financial sense to outsource

2. Specialist/project skills for time-limited project

This enables you to have specialist skills without the hefty paybill of a permanent highly qualified member of staff.

 3. Control risks

When a company is small and growing, all it takes is one lawsuit and you could be out of business. External experts mean that at no point is the business exposed

4. Save on software package costs and training

Many HR professionals use specific software packages, designed for the job. By outsourcing your HR, there is no ongoing cost for programs that aren’t needed.

5. Attracting quality job candidates for recruitment

Outsourcing your recruitment process to a specialist is worth its weight in gold. Recruitment is a process that takes a great deal of time and effort and is a huge bonus when it is someone else’s time that is being utilised. Time is precious when you are running a company, and an outsourced function can free your calendar up for business profitability.

6. Employee morale and satisfaction

When there is access to a solid and knowledgeable HR specialist, employee satisfaction, morale and productivity increases. This safety net can prevent or preclude any niggling issues within the workplace.

7. Additional training

Information and resource available to the business for any additional training that would work for the business overall, and continue employee training in post.

8. Guidance with legislation

Access to a team of experts who are constantly keeping up to date with new legislation and legalities means that you can be assured you are always covered.

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9. Navigation through change

To remain consistently competitive, and as a business organically grows, there are times when it must navigate the way through transformation. An outsourced HR function with a specialist skill set is beneficial, as it can assist the business from start to finish.

10. Increase staff retention and lower turnover

If you employees feel comfortable and confident, then there is less likely that they will move elsewhere, lowering costs for recruitment and training.

11. Release your time for profitability

We mentioned it above, but releasing time for profitability is the most beneficial reason to outsourcing your HR.

If there are changes that directly affect staff such as redundancies or TUPE – using an outsourced HR specialist to undertake the process on the employers’ behalf means that decisions and HR process is objective and not personal.   This enables owners and senior manager to take back the reins after the change and they are not seen as the enemy.

These 12 benefits of outsourcing your HR to a professional practitioner like us at Centric HR are just a small number in a long line of positives that will help your business grow. To find out more about how Centric HR can help you with outsourced HR, then please contact us here.

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