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We supply a range of HR consultancy packages, business support functions and ad-hoc services to a wide range of companies throughout the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Warwickshire.

At Centric HR we have both operational and strategic HR expertise across both the public and private sectors with a proud reputation for providing people solutions for executive teams, encompassing complex,  sensitive and often contentious employment casework, as well as challenging workforce projects. Our experience in supporting the full employee lifecycle means you can rely on us for all your HR needs.

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• Employee engagement
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Office dress codes for modern times

A question that we’re often asked here at Centric HR is about dress codes.  All too often senior leaders and business owners have a set view of what they deem to be suitable and not suitable, and then, rather than engage with their employees – they attempt to capture it all in words and send […]

Employee motivation – Get the best out of your employees in the summer

A manager is there to get the best out of their employees, but when the sun is blazing it’s guaranteed that concentration will lower, and there will be longing looks out of the window. So, as a manager and a business, what is the best way to keep employee motivation levels up when the sun […]

Summer Holiday, Blues?

Everyone looks forward to their summer holiday, but as a manager how can you help the inevitable fallout of workload pressures and having key team members out of the business? In 2017, British Airways conducted research into how we treat our earned holiday from work, and startling results showed that over one third of Brits […]

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