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We supply a range of HR consultancy packages, outsourced HR services and business support functions to a wide range of companies throughout the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Warwickshire.

At Centric HR we have both operational and strategic HR expertise across both the public and private sectors with a proud reputation for providing people solutions for executive teams, encompassing complex,  sensitive and often contentious employment casework, as well as challenging workforce projects. Our experience in supporting the full employee lifecycle means you can rely on us for all your HR needs.

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• Employee engagement
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Inappropriate use of the internet at work

We’ve all used the internet at work at some point, whether it was to shop in our lunch break or pay a bill quickly, but when does this become excessive and what polices can we put in place to stop the odd browse becoming intrusive and disrupting work time? The average employee admits to spending […]

Identifying and dealing with disengaged employees

When an employee starts to feel demotivated at work, as a director/manager you will usually be the last to know. Through nor fault of your own, you may not have even noticed that things have started to slip. Are your deadlines being met? Is all work completed to the usual standard? Are they showing a […]

Sexual harassment – a need for change

Sadly sexual harassment is still alive and well in the workplace even in the 21st century, and the excuse of “just a bit of banter” is no longer acceptable and is a minefield for employers and employees alike.  What seems a harmful joke to one person can be perceived as intrusive and damaging to another […]

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