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Outsourced HR Services

People management can be hugely challenging, whether you are  starting out in business or growing your team.  Complex employment law, time consuming processes and above all your desire to be a good employer can place enormous demands on a business owner, especially those not yet able to employ a full-time HR specialist.

Are you losing sleep about…

  • Employment law compliance and interpretation?
  • People administration?
  • Documentation and Processes?
  • Discipline and sickness issues?
  • Tackling that difficult employee?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then Centric HR can help.  We provide expert advice and solutions that guide businesses through their people challenges as and when you need it– designed specifically for you.

We can provide responsive and proactive outsourced HR and Software to meet all your workforce needs.  Our fixed-price packages enable you to control your costs so you can free up your time and concentrate on running your business, looking after your customers and generating more profit.  We cater for all budgets and payment options of monthly or annual subscriptions.  This allows you to access expert advice without worrying about the cost every time you pick up the phone.  We support and coach you to become proactive and confident when dealing with people management issues – quickly and effectively.

What can be included in the package?

  • HR health check to identify your workforce needs
  • Expert telephone support
  • Bi-monthly HR reviews
  • Checking and drafting correspondence
  • HR updates before legislation takes effect
  • Proactive planning meetings to provide strategic direction and people project support
  • Training sessions for your line managers on people management issues/hot topics
  • HR software solution to assist with people processes and save you time

We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide the very best in high quality bespoke services at competitive prices.

Why not make an appointment and have a free no obligation HR Check with Sandra Berns, Director and Founder of Centric HR?  See what makes us different and discover how we can help your business right now.